Trudy Diraj 

Easier said than done… Taking back control of your life is not a walk in the park. People may think that getting one’s life together doesn’t require intrinsic effort, but they can be entirely wrong. Through the subconscious mind, our partner, Trudy Diraj can rewire beliefs that are holding you back from your success. 


Where conventional treatment fails, hypnotherapy comes into play—helping individuals achieve mental wellness by assisting them with things like weight loss, self-improvement, behavior regulation, and changing old habits and patterns, all the while allowing you to move forward with your life.


If you’re someone who has been taking hypnotherapy or is new to exploring the concept, you must consider our partner, Trudy Diraj; she offers a 5 step program designed to help stress, anxiety, and phobia. The program also works for autism and speech impediments.

Why is Diraj our Trusted Partner?

Diraj’s clinical hypnosis can enable individuals to effortlessly navigate their emotions and stressors while focusing on what’s important to them. Oftentimes, we are blindsided by our stress and anxiety, and it tends to take over our daily life and acts as an obstacle in so many ways without us realizing it.

Eyes Closed

Why do we believe in Hypnosis? 

The subconscious mind governs our actions, reactions, values, and conceptions of ourselves and life. If we are struggling to overcome an obstacle or reach a goal, it is likely we are subconsciously getting in the way of our success. Due to this, hypnosis can address imbalances in belief patterns that cause failure, allowing us to align our subconscious beliefs and our conscious desires to achieve our goals and overcome obstacles more easily. Hypnosis is a hyper state of suggestibility in which the user is fully aware of the session. 

How Can Trudy Diraj Help You Eliminate Unwanted Anxiety

How relieving would it be to get the help that you want with your mental blockages? Nothing is better than being able to achieve mental wellness. Trudy Diraj offers a five-step program designed to address stress and anxiety by shifting the focus of an individual to their mental wellness.


The 5 step program includes:


Step One

Diraj helps you separate stress/anxiety from your thoughts which has become a huge part of your life, and ‘undoing the programing’ to help you understand that the stressors in your life do not control you.


Step Two

She pulls you out of your current mental state and help you focus on ‘breaking the chains’ that hold you back from being the best version of yourself. Step two focuses on undoing the thinking patterns and changing your perspective on what healthy stress should look like.


Step Three

By shifting your focus on mental wellness and working with a range of challenges, the program helps you overcome your fears and get your energy back—especially the kind of energy that stress steals from you daily.

Step Four

Step four is focused on helping you ‘build new habits and avoiding the bad ones’. A new way of doing things is always healthy and beneficial for the mental wellness of an individual.

Step Five

The last step focuses on helping individuals to have a different perspective on everything as it helps ‘build a new narrative’.

Not only that, Trudy Diraj offers a free consultation so that individuals get an idea about what they will be signing up for.

How is Diraj Credible


As the founder of Coach Hypnosis, Diraj has successfully helped hundreds of her clients rewire negative thought patterns that are keeping them from reaching their goals. Trudy Diraj has supported people in quitting smoking, losing weight, overcoming anxiety, enhancing mental performance & focus, and has even helped children excel in school and their SAT scores. We love working with Diraj because we have experienced her expertise first hand and want to work with her in making this powerful modality accessible to everyone. 

The Takeaway!

Although there are different ways to treat stress and anxiety, opting for a solution that yields results would be the perfect choice for anyone struggling to cope with their mental wellness. Here at Mindful Body Productions, we believe in providing our customers with the best. To further reinforce that, we teamed up with iCoach Hypnosis’ clinical hypnotist to help you better your life by offering you hypnosis sessions.

How Can You Work with Trudy Diraj

The MindfulBody Productions team is are currently producing pre-recorded hypnotherapy sessions and preparing to host bi-weekly hypnosis sessions.

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