Handmade Beauty Cosmetics

We are proud partners of Handmade Beauty because of their transparency and devotion to providing you with clean, toxic-free, cruelty-free beauty products that will ultimately nourish you from the outside in.

Looking For Clean Beauty Products?
Here’s What You Need To Know About This Organic Brand!


For the longest time, people have voluntarily given up on organic beauty products in search of convenience and ease. We believe that humans show a tendency to move on to products that offer accessibility and ease over trying to find a similar product that may not be available locally or in a convenience stores.

To solve that issue and help people realize the importance of clean beauty products, businesses worldwide have made many attempts to bridge the gap separating people from accessible clean beauty products.

Here at Mindful Body Production, your well-being is important to us. Therefore, we believe in letting you in on high-quality organic brands that offer an extensive range of clean beauty products that provide our customers with an opportunity to live a life free of inorganic toxin-infused products.

Handmade Beauty, a brand we recently partnered with, is a clean beauty brand that offers non-toxic, clean beauty products. They started in Spain and introduced clean beauty products in the market. They aim to deliver their clients a holistic life experience free of toxins by providing them with clean beauty products that anyone can easily use in their homes. Their approach emphasizes the fact that beauty is a result of health and products made with organic ingredients.

What Makes Handmade Beauty Different?

Toxic ingredients are used by several well-known cosmetic brands, which people often overlook without realizing that these ingredients could cause long-term skin damage. It could destroy your skin’s healthy barrier, cause allergies that may not appear in the early stages of makeup use, rashes, and prolonged skin issues.

As a user concerned about their overall well-being, you must be wondering what makes Handmade Beauty different from other organic products? Well, to answer your question, here’s a list of all the things that Handmade Beauty does differently from other brands:

  • Handmade Beauty offers hundred percent organic treatments using natural ingredients that they list on each product on their website.

  • Their philosophy is centered on providing customers with clean beauty products that resonate with our work at Mindful Body Productions.

  • Most important of all, their products are toxin-free!


Their cosmetic products, especially their nail polish range, can be used by anyone—from pregnant women to people who have celiac disease. In addition, their products are gluten-free and vegan, meaning they do not contain harmful chemicals or animal pigments.


The Takeaway!

Although several brands offer non-toxic and clean beauty products in the market, a few are transparent about their processes and approach. For example, the ingredients used by Handmade Beauty are organic and non-toxic, which they religiously list on their packages and products to maintain transparency.


What Benefits Does Handmade Beauty Offer?

There are several benefits offered by the brand, some of which are:

  • Their nail line offers quite a few benefits; since handmade Beauty products are non-toxic and enriched with natural ingredients, they function as protecting agents for nails.

  • Their nail treatment line helps individuals with nail enamel repair for weak nails damaged by the repeated use of acrylic and gel nails that require buffing of the nail, which damages the outermost layer of the nail bed.

  • Their products are non-greasy— which essentially means that they hydrate your skin without making it feel heavy and sticky on your skin.