What are Alternative Therapies & Alternative Remedies?

What is it?

Alternative therapies are treatments that are considered to be an alternative approach and /or complementary support to traditional Western medicine or allopathic/conventional treatments, that include plants, oils, supplements, nutrition, mind, and body works amongst others, from varying disciplines and cultures. They can be used to treat many different kinds of illnesses and diseases.

In the Western world, many alternative therapies are largely unregulated, and their efficacy is not always established by scientific evidence. Therefore, it’s important to fully research your therapy and practitioner to ensure you get the best help possible.

There are many great societies helping to regulate and support these therapies and practitioners, and it is changing all the time which is a great thing to see. There are literally thousands of therapies so do your research well or seek the advice of a qualified Naturopath who is often qualified in many disciplines to help you to choose your therapy or guide you to the appropriate therapist.

You may have heard of herbal remedies, nutritional therapy, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, homeopathic treatments, acupuncture, acupressure, bachs remedies, and other more common modalities but there are many thousands of others. Some people use alternative healing modes as a way to combat the toxicity of modern life or to find peace with the body and mind.

Alternative therapies for skin and hair.

Alternative therapies are often said to be the newest trend in medicine, wherein actual fact they have been around for many thousands of years in a lot of cases. With many people investing in those natural, organic remedies, we have to ask ourselves:

What can alternative therapies really do?

There are many claims about the benefits of alternative therapies and many report benefits such as helping everything from skin problems and digestion problems through to circulation and hair growth.

Alternative health therapies are not usually intended to cure major illnesses, such as cancer or diabetes but can be a support and benefit to the immune system and for overall wellbeing, mood, and enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself.

They are commonly called upon for milder problems, like skin infections or digestive issues, and can sometimes be used in place of, but more commonly alongside, prescription medicine to support minor health concerns.

Let’s look at some therapies

Hair growth

There are a number of therapies that people can use to stimulate hair growth. These therapies range from natural home-grown methods to expensive treatments.

-Massage therapy,


-Aloe Vera,

-Coconut oil,


-Geranium oil,


-Onion Juice,

-Rosemary oil

have all long been used to stimulate hair growth.